Fertility Issues


By now you have probably stopped smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine and are following a healthy eating programme. You are going to great lengths to physically prepare your body for conception, but what about your mind?

Being told that you have fertility problems is devastating news for any woman. The ability to have a baby is something that most women take for granted and we usually have no idea how to deal with the emotions that arise when we find out that we have fertility issues. It is, for many people, a very stressful time.

Stress can affect our ability to get pregnant on many levels, including inhibition of the hypothalamus that helps regulate hormonal levels, or over-activation of the hypothalamus which can change the pituitary and adrenal responses. Since the pituitary regulates both how much of a hormone is made and how much is released in the body, its alteration can have dramatic effects on the hormonal balance necessary for ovulation, fertilization, tubal functioning or even successful implantation of the egg once it reaches the womb.

  • "Try to relax"
  • "Go on holiday"
  • "Stop thinking about it and it will happen"

This is often the advice that well-meaning friends and family come out with - but how on earth can you relax when most of your waking thoughts are centered around your inability to fall pregnant ?

Hypnotherapy is the ideal way to cope with the stress that infertility brings and has been shown, in one study, to increase conception by 30% and double the rate of success of IVF treatment. Although, of course, efficacy of treatment will vary with each person.

So, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or are about to embark on a programme of assisted conception, I am here to help and I know what you are going through! Drawing on personal experience of 2 years spent trying to get pregnant and having numerous assisted conception treatments, including IUI and IVF, I can guarantee you a compassionate and totally confidential service. Please contact me to make an appointment or have any questions.

The initial session will take approx 90 minutes and then subsequent sessions will last between 50 - 70 mins. Each session costs £90 .

Where appropriate, hypnotherapy sessions will be recorded so you can continue to listen to them. Sometimes pre-recorded sessions are also provided.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.