Helena's story

I contacted Havering Hypnotherapy a few years ago after going through a failed relationship. I still remember my first appointment with Fiona, during which I was made to feel completely at ease, and protected. The feeling was that of being able to bear my soul to a close friend.

During those initial appointments not only was I able to deal with the breakup of an abusive relationship, but I was also able to deal with many of my childhood issues that had always plagued me, including my dyslexia. Since then I have continued to work with Fiona in other aspects of my life, especially during my post natal depression, and currently with a weight loss programme.

Fiona has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism with me, but while still being able to maintain a warm and friendly feeling. The environments in which appointments take place have always been very comfortable, safe and relaxing. Fiona has always shown excellent time keeping and has never made me feel as there was a need to end the appointment abruptly due to the appointment time ending.

Fiona has always been flexible in accommodating times for appointments and even if there were no appointments available she would always ensure that alternative appointments were available, and I knew that she would also be available at the end of the phone if I was in crisis. There has always been the availability of contacting Fiona between and after appointments and the treatment course without made to feel like an inconvenience.

Fiona has always explained in detail the course of the sessions and has always been prepared for these, with provision of CDs, reading material and visual props.

In many aspects I am eternally grateful for meeting Fiona, and I consider her like my guardian angel. Throughout these last years she has helped me work through and resolve so many issues, fears and doubts which I always had felt shackled to. Fiona enabled me to free myself from these and to believe in myself and to have confidence in myself.

Since my very first appointment not only have I been able to deal with a number of issues, but I have also had the belief and confidence to be the person which I was meant to be. An example of this is having the confidence and determination of completing a master degree course, which due to my dyslexia I would never had had the confidence and drive to complete. Fiona helped me to believe in myself just as she believed in me.

Since my first appointment with Fiona my life has completely changed for the best, I am no longer a shadow of myself, a little girl frightened to talk and with no self-esteem or belief. I am working to be the person that I suppose to be, and Fiona has always been there for me to guide me through, to help me find the path I want to take in life, like my guardian angel.