Let's look at a common phobia - a fear of spiders. Now everyone knows that a spider (in the UK at least) cannot possibly do you any harm at all. This fear has no basis in reality, it is completely irrational but thousands of people are terrified of them. Another common example is flying, which is far safer than getting in your car and driving to the local shops. Few people think twice about getting into their car and yet I treat many people each year for this particular fear.

The good news is that, in both cases, Hypnotherapyand CBT can help. Therapy can effectively alleviate the fear, panic and dread caused by phobias. By the careful use of suggestion and visualisation whilst you are in the relaxed, but controlled and aware hypnotic state, the subconscious mind can be taught to respond and act differently when it is confronted by the feared situation.

On a personal level, I have overcome my own fear of both spiders and flying - so I can truly empathise with my clients when they tell me how unbearable their fears are and yet am living proof that we can overcome our fears.

I have helped people free themselves of many types of fears and phobias, so please don't feel foolish or embarrassed if you feel you have a 'strange' phobia. People can be afraid of almost anything - from something quite common such as heights or spiders - to something out of the ordinary such as buttons, fish, or situations such as eating in public. Please give me a call to talk through any issues you have - or email me. Read a real life case study of Jacqui, a client who was very anxious about traveling by train. Jacqui's story

Most people respond well after 2 - 3 sessions, but I will discuss the likely duration of any treatment with you before booking any appointments so that you know what to expect. I believe in being totally transparent with my fees and so there will be no nasty surprises! I operate to the highest ethical standards and only ever book as many appointments as are necessary to help you with your problem.

The initial session will take approx 90 minutes and then subsequent sessions will last between 50 - 70 mins. Each session costs £90.

Where appropriate, hypnotherapy sessions will be recorded so you can continue to listen to them. Sometimes pre-recorded sessions are also provided.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.