Stress and Anxiety can attack anyone at any time, making us feel overwhelmed, tired and helpless. A combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Hypnotherapy can help you to regain control.

Whether your anxiety is work-related, relationship-based or generalised you may want to consider therapy as a way of helping you to cope with your circumstances.

You will learn, over a period of time, to modify your responses to stress and stressful situations.

You will also learn techniques to enable you to control your anxiety yourself, whenever you need to.

Read a real life case study of Jacqui, a client who was becoming increasingly anxious about traveling by train. Jacqui's story .

Panic Attacks are a common curse in this hectic world and can easily be treated with a CBT and Hypnosis. You need no longer feel terrified at the thought of an attack happening at any time. You will learn how to take control.

Clients with these types of issues usually respond very well to a course of CBT combined with Hypnotherapy, lasting on average between 4 - 8 sessions. The initial session will take approx 90 minutes and then subsequent sessions will last between 50 - 70 mins. Each session costs £90.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.