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Weight Loss (including Hypno-Band)

Below are a sample of testimonials from clients but please also click the link to take a look at Marc's Story and how he lost over 4 stones with Hypno-Band

Just wanted to let you know that I had a weigh in the other night and I have now lost 2 bowling balls! The whole family no longer talk in stones, its just bowling balls lol. To say I am pleased with the progress is a huge understatement ! I am now walking around in very baggy jeans and looking forward to going shopping to buy smaller ones. Alfie took me to Wembley last week to watch the rugby, and normally a trip out like that would of killed me off for the rest of the weekend what with on and off trains and up and down stairs etc, but now I am feeling fitter and healthier it was a breeze and was able to get on a do other things over the weekend.

Update received Jan 2014

Just a little update for you. I have now lost 3 bowling balls- woohoo go me!! I have just bought some new clothes, because I now have very limited clothing, due to the mass clear out of stuff that now just falls off or looks like a sack because they are too big. And I am extremely happy to say that I am now buying sizes 18-20, although some are a little bit snug, I am keeping them as I am sure within the next few weeks I will be wearing them comfortably. My son had an accident at work in November and cut through 60% of his tendon in his arm, thankfully he is on the mend, and he is getting back to normal, then my dad was ill, plus I went down with the dreaded Christmas cold, all challenges which I managed to overcome without shutting myself in the fridge and feeling sorry for myself lol, although I couldn’t get to the gym quite as often as I would of liked because of trips to the hospital etc, but got there as often as I could and I am sure if all these obstacles hadn’t have been launched at me, I would of lost quite a bit more, but I am very happy with the results so far and am determined to keep at it. I still enjoy what I’m doing because like we have said before, ITS EASY!!
Paula Cox

After years of dieting and regaining the weight (plus more), I wanted to lose weight, but knew I'd soon get bored trying to stick to a diet. I had heard about the hypno-band but didn’t realise that there was a practitioner so close by. Fiona made me feel at ease the first time we met and after that very first session my eating habits and my view of food changed and then following “surgery” I was aware of a something making me feel fuller even quicker. Now less than three months down the line I am almost two stone lighter. I can’t thank Fiona enough for helping me see that I can still enjoy food and lose weight without dieting.
L.L. Havering

I have just returned from my annual diabetic check and have fantastic news, because of my weight loss and change of lifestyle my blood sugars have reduced dramatically! My doctor is reducing my medication I am soooooooo happy. I am so grateful to you for your support and guidance I have a grin from ear to ear. I have enthused so much to my practice nurse telling her how easy it has been. She has asked for your number as she wants to give up smoking , so she will be giving you a call.
P.B. Stanford-le-Hope

Around three months ago I started treatment with Fiona and three months later I am over three stone lighter, happier and not obsessed with food any more. I felt the behavioral therapy was really helpful and I am much healthier and hopeful for my future.

L.E. Essex

I was very nervous before my first consultation, but I was soon put at ease by Fiona. I found the whole atmosphere very relaxing and the therapy comforting. I would have no hesitation in recommending Havering Hypnotherapy to anyone.I have lost over a stone in weight and have done this with relative ease. No Dieting! just sensible eating habits I feel confident I can keep to. Thank you so much

I.W. Havering

Firstly, just wanted to say that just one session with you seems to be working wonders. No eating between meals and it seems so easy - just cant believe it. Looking forward to the next to just to reinforce things but am amazed at how easy it all seems. Thank you.
D.C. Upminster

Really pleased with my weight loss so far - can't thank you enough!
S.M. Sittingbourne

I have always been a yo yo dieter, and over the past few years my weight was only going one way which was up!! In desperation I found Fiona and Havering Hypnotherapy on the internet. I am amazed at how quickly I settled in to a healthy eating routine. Even after the first session I found it so easy not to pick between meals and not to over eat. I really can't thank Fiona enough.
J.M. Havering

Fiona was so easy to work with and I felt at ease immediately. The hypno band therapy has had a big impact on my relationship with food. I can feel the band and now am eating significantly less than i ever was. In 3 weeks I have lost over 5lbs....I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough.
M.B. Essex

I have always been a yo-yo dieter, not any more. The best thing i did was get in touch with Fiona, she was easy to talk to and helped me relate to my attitudes to food. I have lost 9lb so far with hypno-band sessions and looking forward to a healthier future. Thank you very much Fiona.
J.B. Elm Park


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I have found the CBT/Hypnotherapy sessions really effective. Fiona gently challenges your unhelpful thought processes and behaviour. In a short period of time I’ve learned techniques to help me change my behaviour and how I respond to situations/periods of stress. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and have gained the confidence to embrace new challenges. I now know I have a choice in how I respond to situations and feel confident in my new found abilities to cope with difficult situations. My friends and family have noticed the positive change in me. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. Thank you for making such a difference in my life.
MT South Ockendon

I wanted to say thank you so much for the time, help, guidance, support and kindness you have given me over the past few months. I felt at times I was chatting to a friend too and will miss seeing you. I am feeling so much brighter and positive about my life and future and would not be feeling this way without you.

CS Upminster

Social Anxiety

Christmas went really well and I will even go as far as saying that I actually enjoyed myself when I was out. I have been out at least once a week since and have seen a real improvement in the way I deal with things in larger groups.I have also noticed a big difference at work and feel that I'm now joining in more in daily life. I think when I first came to you I was expecting results over night but now realise that it's a more gradual process and the more I do the things I once avoided the easier they are becoming.I wouldn't say I am completely over my problems but I am definitely on the way and I would like to thank you for all your help.
I.P. Havering

Anxiety / Panic Attacks

DT has essential tremor, a medical, condition which means her hands shake involuntarily. Her anxiety around what people thought of her because of this was causing the tremor to increase and she was very anxious and lacking in confidence. In her words she was 'obsessing' about it and felt that her anxiety was a 'brick wall' holding her back.

Hi Fiona, I came to see you a few weeks ago regarding my tremor. I was the lunatic who thought everyone was sussing me out before I'd even spoke! I'm doing well, Ive got a new job and I'm in my 2nd week and loving it. I'm so busy I don't even get the chance to think about my hands, and the worry is literally pushed to the back of my mind! I'm cool as a cucumber now thanks to you!
D.H. - UPminster

I feel a lot more relaxed at the moment which is great!I'm still working on trying to think positive instead of negative all the time but I think I'm slowly getting better at it.Thank you for all your help you gave me, it really has made a difference for the better and I really feel I benefited from it, especially getting to the root of the problems.
K.R. - Upminster

Im absolutely delighted to tell you that I'm in control of my life again. If I feel the risings of panic starting, I can control them comfortably.I really would urge anyone that’s ever been unfortunate to have had this happen to them, that they really do try hypnotherapy. I think it is ‘made’ for this kind of problem.
J.S. - Southend


Hi Fiona I am getting on very well thank you. The first few days was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I didn't even get moody. Every time I thought about smoking I just thought about what you said and after about three or four days I stopped thinking about smoking and haven't really since. I have been a very good girl too and stuck to my diet and going to the gym therefore, I have managed to lose weight as well so I am very pleased with myself.

Jenny - Romford

Hi Fiona. Just wanted to say doing really well haven't even thought about the filthy habit, so thank u so much and wanted to let u know I have recommended u to all my friends and some r going to arrange appointment with u, so u gonna b very busy bee lol. Thanks again

E.B. - Hornchurch -Received by text

Hi Fiona I went for my scan yesterday and baby is doing well, so I feel much better for not smoking. It has been much easier than I ever thought it was going to be, so thank you very much.

E.C - Havering

I came to see Fiona a bit dubious about hypnotherapy but willing to give it a go as I was desperate to stop smoking. I had smoked for some 20 years and managed to give up for a few months at a time, but I always went back to it. I found Fiona to be very friendly and caring, but she certainly did not pull any punches when helping me to see how my thoughts about smoking were causing me so many potential problems. To be honest, this is just what I needed and I am happy to say I have not smoked since my session. I would lie if I said I never thought about cigarettes anymore, but I certainly haven’t been tempted to light up. I am so pleased that I have finally kicked the habit.

G.C. - Rainham

Fiona has helped me a lot to overcome a habit I have had for a very long time. I was very impressed with her professional attitude but also how friendly and approachable she was. Also Fiona couldn't do enough for me after the session was complete.

J.T. - Leyton E10

Fertility Treatment

I was immediately impressed with how chilled out I became with the relaxation techniques. Fiona's voice is so soothing and calm. I stopped stressing about the up and coming treatment and even started to look forward to it! The injections didn't worry me very much at all and I managed to continue through the whole treatment with a positive attitude. After the treatment I once again started to panic about whether it had worked and this was an extremely emotional time for my husband and I, but Fiona taught me coping strategies through hypnosis and once again I was able to relax and just go with the flow.
J.S. - Southend


The best thing I ever did was phone up Fiona. I had really bad IBS and would have panic attacks every morning on the train to work, and would a lot of times get off the train halfway to work so I could use the loo - not anymore - I do not dread my daily commute any longer - it is a huge relief. I also used to worry when I was booking flights and theatre tickets and was not able to get an aisle seat. I am so glad I went it has made a huge difference to my life and for that I am extremely grateful. Thanks so much.
C.W. - Havering


tree hugger.jpg

M.F. from Rainham had a fear of trees. She woud get very distressed if she was anywhere near any sizeable tree and went about her life avoiding them. To most people, a walk in the country is a pleasant and restful experience, but not for this lady - it was an extremely anxious and upsetting experience to be avoided at all costs. After seeing her for two sessions, I was deligted to receive the photo on the right accompanied by the message ..

I went tree hugging and it felt really good. Thanks for all your help.

L.L. Came to see me to overcome her fear of flying. On return from her holiday to Turkey, she sent me this email message :-

I just wanted to say that I am now an (almost) fully confident flyer! I was a bit nervous on my journey to Turkey but nowhere near as bad and I managed to calm down really easily. I even looked out the window and realised that 35,000 miles really isn't that high! Ha ha. The journey home was even better and whilst I didn't actually go to sleep,I did manage to close my eyes and relax for a bit without worrying about every bump! Thank you so much for all your help-I don't think im ever going to love flying but I certainly don't dread it now and at worst,it's just a pain being stuck somewhere for a few hours. Thank-you again! I must go now-might go and book a long haul flight just for the fun of it!

S.B. came to overcome a severe fear of wasps and emailed me a few weeks after the last session.

A wasp flew into the surgery whilst I was with a patient, and usually I would have just run out. I calmly caught the wasp in a cup, put a card over it, and then walked outside and let it go !!!! .This is my biggest achievement, so far, and I am so, so, proud of myself, and my family and work colleagues couldn’t believe it Last weekend I was at a BBQ and they were loads buzzing about, I still don’t like them, and when they startle me ( I would never be startled with them before, as I could lock onto one, like an exocet missile !!) I have to talk to myself like a Dutch uncle, but I have no physical symptoms of panic whatsoever, this is a major relief. I can’t thank you enough, for the help and confidence the sessions have given me.

SB Then came to see me several months later as they had lost confidence in horse riding - a past time which had previously given much pleasure

You are going to be amazed, as I am. I was so much more chilled in the run up to today's lesson. When I got there, he asked me who I could ride, aaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd, I ASKED for my nemisis, an ex racehorse called George, who I have NEVER had a good lesson on, and he really knocked my confidence last time I had him, he bucked with me and shot off , when we were in the outside field, and I wouldn't ride him again, he was a major factor in my loss of confidence. I had the best lesson, I was relaxed, and not constantly fearful he was going to go out of control. As it was so hot today,they went for a walk around the field and lake, but I didn't feel ready for that, on this horse. Myself and two other feisty horses stayed in the school and did lots of fast canters, I was beaming. When we had finished, my instructor gave me a massive hug, and so did my friends. I just couldn't stop beaming. It may not be a 6ft steeple jump, but it was a big old hurdle for me, and I am actually very proud of myself and believe me , I am not one to blow my own trumpet. Also, to top it all, we were sitting having a coffee afterwards and a wasp flew around me and I didnt even flinch, RESULT. I cant thank you enough for your help, I was so desperate to get the old me back, I feel stronger and more positive, long may it continue. THANK YOU

M.A. is a lady in her 60s who had a fear of deep water which had developed to the point where she couldn't even swim in the pool she has at home. After " sessions, she sent me this message

I thought I should let you know I went swimming this morning. I was feeling slightly nervous about going in case I felt the same, but got straight in and swam down the deep end. I jumped in the deep end and trod waterand didn't feel any panic at all. As I passed the shallow end into deeper water, I felt something but it didn't stop me. I swam for half an hour and am now exhausted. Thank you.

T.W. had a fear of vomiting which was causing him to feel nauseous much of the time and affecting his ability to eat. He had lost weight as a consequence of this and was very concerned. A few weeks after his treatment finished he sent me an email to let me know how he was getting on.

Things have been going ok, still feeling a bit nauseous every so often, but it is definitely a lot better than it was. I'm able to eat much much more than I did before and I've even put on some weight again now!

Charlotte, a 14 year old girl, was about to attend an 'outward bound' course with her school and had a terrible fear of pot-holing. She had previously had a panic attack when pot-holing and was very nervous about undertaking this activity again. Charlotte's mother,Cheryll, commented as follows, after her daughter had been on her course.

She did very well didn't have a moment of panic, in fact that was the activity she enjoyed the most.

A little while after her daughter's treatment, Cheryll decided to tackle her fear of driving abroad. The family were holidaying in America and she really wanted to do her share of the driving - something she had never been able to face before. Indeed Cheryll had also lost some confidence in motorway driving in the UK. Cheryll responded very well after just a couple of sessions and I received another email from her on her return from America

Just to let you know that I drove!!!.... We had a monster of a car, a 3.6 litre Jeep, which was brilliant – it was like driving a bus and nobody was going to mess with me!! ... I am so glad that I came to see you, whatever you did certainly worked.

J.B. a young teacher, had a fear of flying. With three flights coming up in quick succession and one of them long haul, she felt the time was right to overcome her fear.

I just wanted to email after a lovely holiday in Italy. It has been the first flight in a long time where I didn't need a drink and could actually cope!! Thank you so much, I cant believe the difference it has made. I'm not dreading America now :)!! .

Anger Management

I am proud to say that the help you gave me is still doing wonders! I have not lost control, or let things get to me. I have never been this happy in such a long time. It's amazing how I actually handle things now. I'm still not happy in my job, but I no longer let it get me down. I haven't argued or snapped at anyone since my sessions with you. I even have proof from work. I won the "Employee of the Month" award because they've noticed a big difference in my attitude and the way I deal with things. My mangers also received good feedback from my clients and they said that a lot of people have noticed a big change in me. My family have said I'm alot happier and have noticed how I now talk to them and treat them. So thanks to you!

M - Rainham


Thanks for every thing, am sleeping a hell of a lot better now. The cd is fantastic as well and comes in really handy
D.B. - Hornchurch

Confidence Issues

Just wanted to share the comments that I have received recently that prove that my confidence is 100% and that's with your help.
S.D. - Upminster

I was at a very low point and it took me a week to finally pick up the phone and call Fiona. It was probably the best phone call I made!! What a cliché! Lol . I was very nervous on my first appointment but Fiona made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I didn't feel judged for how I felt or for how I saw them at the time "my failings"!!Fiona has helped me to re-think and re-tune my actions and habits, to take just a little time to put things into the right places and act on the positive - what a difference that has made, my family have seen a whole new me (they still say I nag but hey I'm a mum what do they expect)!!!!!!Thank you Fiona for helping me to be me.

T.R. Upminster

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